Has the current economic shift and recently announced new lockdown revealed skills gaps in your company? Do you need support driving your business into the new digital age? Invest in your current workforce and allow them to up-skill via our Get Ahead in Digital Transformation Programme and begin bridging those gaps today.

Airband is a West Midlands based company who benefitted from our Get Ahead in Digital Transformation Programme last year. They invest in their current workforce which, subsequently,  allowed some of their employees to up-skill via the programme.

“One of our values at Airband is to continually innovate and develop our expertise to transform connectivity for all our customers. To live this value, we encourage our people to continually develop their knowledge and skills as part of their career development.”  

“When Louise told us about this programme just after lockdown began, we thought it would be a great idea to give our people the opportunity to build their skills and expand their knowledge on a part-time basis and receive an accredited certification.”  

“As Training was delivered remotely, we felt that lockdown would be a perfect time for our people to pick up these new skills.”

“Although initially, the take-up was not as large as we envisaged, the candidates who participated in the programme have been enthusiastic and have progressed well. So much so, that these participants have recommended the programme to other employees who have indicated interest.” 

“One of the current participants has indicated how much the two programmes she is doing are helping her within her current role and enabling her to take on additional responsibilities.”

“We would like to endorse this programme and do hope that the programmes are made available again as we are sure we will have an enthusiastic take up going forward.”

Just like Airband, your workforce will gain 6 months of sustained coaching support, with skills & knowledge development in Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Software Development, Digital Transformation, IT Networks and Database Management and the opportunity to gain industry recognised certifications.

Fully funded by the West Midlands Combined Authority and free for learners. Find out more information here today,  harness the digital capabilities vital to the success and growth of your company and transform the skills of your workforce required to enact this Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The solutions to your tech and digitally based problems may already exist in your company – recruit, reskill, retain!

If you or your business would be interested in joining the programme please email enquiries@tdm.co.uk or call 0333 101 00 52 today.