Genuinely Work-Based Learning, Underpinned by Academic Rigour.

Developing People to Support Technology + Supporting Technology to Develop People.


The UK need to develop Tech and Digital skills and address our workforce productivity gap.

Employees cannot become a Tech in one-off short course nor in a webinar. Therefore, TDM coach and train employees through a continuously renegotiated Work-Based Learning plan (featuring coaching, short courses and webinars).

We access Apprenticeships Levy Funding to Triangulate Employer Needs and Employee Needs with the National Need

TDM develop:

  • Tech and Digital Knowledge, Understanding and Competencies
  • Employability Skills, Attitudes and Behaviours.
  • Bespoke Apprenticeships Academies / Corporate Universities.


Our Company are Doing Well by Doing Good.

We are a company of interdependent professionals who gain job satisfaction from creating value for:

  • The UK and its Midlands Engine: We identify and address skills and productivity gaps
  • Employers and their companies: We help them grow and improve
  • Applicants and Employees: We improve Social Mobility by delivering qualifications: starting new careers and growing existing careers.

TDM Missions – TDM Group Businesses

Wyre Academy

Wyre Academy

Group Training Academy for Tech & Digital Standards

LearnIT-e Consultancy

Work-Based Learning (WBL) Consultancy

Bespoke VLE Instructional Design & Corporate Apprenticeships Consultancy

VLE Middleware

VLE Middleware

Virtual Learning Environments Hosting, Support & Training

Open Source Software Services

Open Source Software Services

Open Source Codeline Development Projects

Our Partnerships & Quality Marks

TDM hold partnership with nationally and internationally recognised organisations.
We have achieved and annually renew our quality marks.


Our Partnerships & Quality Marks