In a time of uncertainty, one thing is for sure, tech and digital has been a constant.

We have lived in a heightened digital age for some time now, but our current situation has meant pressing down firmly on that accelerator, catapulting us all into a tech and digitally dependant world. One of the most vital and key areas for business growth now, more so than ever, is Digital Marketing.

Why should I invest in my Digital Marketing?

Quite simply, implementing a Digital Marketing strategy will be the most transformative, powerful and cost effective business decision you will ever make. Digital Marketing enables you to be part of the conversation. A customer’s journey in 2021 primarily takes place online, from researching, browsing and social media following to purchasing and recommending and reviewing to others. The Marketplace has become increasingly more digital as technology continues to evolve, so the online space is not only where customers are, but also where they are engaging and interacting with each other.

Digital Marketing is highly cost effective compared to traditional marketing. With a relatively small budget you can reach a large, targeted audience through the likes of Facebook Ads and Pay Per Click Marketing. Many SMEs may have more of a limited budget and think it’s not possible to compete with a larger companies online presence, however with an affordable Digital Marketing strategy, small businesses can get more bang for their buck! Through these Digital Marketing efforts you can reach people you wouldn’t normally reach and communicate with an even wider audience, not just local customers, but the world! This also allows you to not only connect quicker with WIFI based customers, but also mobile customers on the go.

Measure, Evaluate, Customise! 

Thanks to Digital Marketing tools and analytics, you can really get to know whether your Digital Marketing is working and having the desired effect.

Through the likes of Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, strip away the guess work and let the figures speak for themselves. Set yourself goals and track the success of how you get there, adjust your ads / campaigns / content and learn from the autogenerated metrics for further success. All Digital Marketing is measurable, so let your data tell a story and let your social presence and success grow, alongside your business.

Current online space not user friendly? No problem, because Digital Marketing is highly customisable. People want a simple and personal experience online, a Digital Marketer can do this through smart automation. Make your Digital Marketing reflective of your brand and company ethos. There is SO much you can do to help scream and shout to your audience who you are and what you do, all whilst setting you aside from your competitors who, inevitably, are probably already leveraging their Digital Marketing capabilities.

Your customers are on social media, so why aren’t you?

Social Media has, quite simply, changed how we live our lives forever. From how we interact with each other, to the way we receive our news updates. Social media is unavoidable, it is influential, it is our present but most importantly, our future.

Each social media platform allows you to address a specific and tailored audience to benefit your business, if your content is powerful, consistent and catered to your audience then success is endless. There are currently 3.5 billion social media users, equating to about 45% of the population and this is only growing at an exponential rate. So it’s clear to see that this is where your customers and clients are, you just need to derive a consistent and relevant social media strategy to reach out and grab them!

You can see the benefits – now how to take control?

If you are not currently investing in or implementing a Digital Marketing strategy within your business, then now is the time to do so. Digital success starts with the customer. The customer should be at the centre of your Digital Marketing strategy, surrounded by a consistent and relevant online experience.

Fundamentally, you need someone within your business to implement this strategy, to lead on planning a digital roadmap, to set goals for business growth, to listen and to understand your audience(s), to create good content, to analyse and track the success of this content and adjust and improve where necessary, to unlock hidden data intelligence and business opportunities, to drive and promote your brand and help your business to stay relevant and part of the conversation.

OK, but who?

There are two straight forward and cost effective ways to start building the Digital Marketing world within your business and moving with the times.

Reskill a current member of your team via an apprenticeship

Is there currently someone in your team who could learn to do this job? Someone skilled in some of these areas already who could enrol onto a Digital Marketing Level 3 apprenticeship and run with it? Someone who could benefit from expert coaching and genuine work-based learning to become an industry recognised Digital Marketer? If so, then this could be an amazing opportunity for them and for your business

Reskilling a current member of your team strips away the need to recruit or to bring a new team member into the fold. Reskilling prioritises and champions ‘home-grown’ talent and employee investment and growth, all whilst being extremely cost effective.

Bring in a new apprentice recruit

If not, then why not bring in a new, skilled and ready to hit the ground running, Digital Marketing apprentice!

TDM can help you find the right apprentice for the Digital Marketing seat in your company. You can take the reigns of apprenticing someone to a national standard, allow them to help take charge of your Digital Marketing and address the productivity gap in your business. A new apprentice can inject a new lease of life into the company, can replace complacency with enthusiasm and creativity and can open your eyes to new opportunities whilst bringing your business strategies up to date to compete.

Both recruit and reskiller apprenticeship opportunities are educational programmes for developing the “fortitude and endurance” that is needed to drive not only your business, but also Britain’s Skills Development forwards.

Genuinely work-based learning, when underpinned with academic rigour, is clearly an effective strategy for developing employable knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours. “Careers with plans”, not “a plan for jobs” are needed if the UK is really going to tackle the national productivity gap moving into the future. For many companies, offering an apprenticeship programme is funded by the government or funding can be accessed in order to make it viable and affordable.

If you are a business considering a longer-term solution to the Digital Marketing gap that COVID-19 has generated, or any other tech & digitally based gap, work ready apprentices who can specialise in a wide range of fields could be the solution!

Take a look at our Digital Marketing Level 3 programme here and also our Digital Marketing Level 6 Degree apprenticeship programme here for more information.

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