TDM Wyre Academy to offer Tech Industry Gold apprenticeships

Tech Industry Gold Logo

TDM Wyre Academy is delighted to announce that it will be licensed to offer Tech Industry Gold apprenticeships, the employer-designed apprenticeship programmes that equip young people with the skills for a career in technology.

Tech Industry Gold is a new accreditation, designed to point employers and prospective apprentices to programmes that deliver top quality learning and development. The course standards have been set by employers, and created to ensure that participants develop the blend of technical, business and interpersonal skills that are much in demand in the workplace. Organisations across the tech sector have laid down the programmes, facilitated by e-skills UK, the employer body for technology skills.

This provides employer validation of TDM’s IT Professional Apprenticeship programmes including Software & Systems Development and IT Technician.

Tech Industry Gold programmes also include access to online services for employers, including advice and guidance on delivering the programmes, plus networking and up-to-date learning resources from industry leaders.

During the accreditation process of TDM’s apprenticeships, the assessors noted the following strengths:

  • “Learners benefit from high expectations, engagement, care, support and motivation from their assessor/trainer profession and managers.”

  • “Learners develop very good personal, social and employability skills.”

  • “Leaders and managers demonstrate an ambitious vision, have high expectations for what all learners can achieve, and attain high standards of quality and performance.”

  • “All training advisers are very occupationally experienced, are current practitioners and have a range of teaching qualifications.”

“Tech Industry Gold programmes are a great addition to our offering,” says Derrin Kent of TDM Wyre Academy. “The fact that the course standards are set by the industry means that prospective apprentices can be confident that what they are learning is really relevant to the workplace, and their employers can be sure that their new team members will become productive fast. The additional support, like networking and resources, is an important bonus: it means that apprentices in smaller organisations will have an experience similar to that to big corporates, and will develop the kind of industry awareness that will stand them in good stead in their careers. “