“It’s hard work but I’m in the career and industry that I’ve wanted to be in for some time, which is fantastic.”

Alex enrolled onto his Digital Marketing Level 3 Apprenticeship recently after maximising CV, interview and interpersonal support from our TDM Apprenticeship Seeker Programme. An initiative to continue to help and support our candidates and learners to become as well equipped and confident as possible to gain that outcome.

We virtually caught up with Alex to hear his story so far.


Before landing your apprenticeship, you took place on the Applicant Day, how did you find that? Did it help kickstart your journey?

The initial Applicant Day was a great way to start my Apprenticeship journey. Being online, the session allowed me to be fully exposed to all of the areas I was interested in and everything was at my fingertips which was super helpful.

After becoming a successful candidate, you enrolled onto the Apprenticeship Seeker Workshops, how did you fine these and did they help?

The Workshops by TDM were really helpful and insightful. The CV workshop was especially helpful to me, I was able to really knuckle down on my own CV and make relevant and professional amendments, which enabled me to resend my CV to my current employer, landing me my current apprenticeship!

Would you recommend the ASWs to other candidates who are trying to further their potential?

Yes, the workshops really helped to make those small but hugely important improvements. The more you attend the more successful you are going to be in the long run.

You have secured your DML3 Apprenticeship role at Sienna X, firstly congratulations, have you officially started yet and how are you finding it?

I am really enjoying it! Obviously, it’s hard work but I’m in the career and industry that I’ve wanted to be in for some time, which is fantastic.

Why an Apprenticeship and why Digital Marketing?

My interest in the industry originated from my passion for Photography, which started as a hobby and then developed into something I wanted to focus on as a career. I realised that this had a huge crossover with Digital Marketing, being creative and creating content for an employer was a dream end goal.

I soon realised the best way to do this would be through work-based learning, combining theory with practical.

Was an apprenticeship always something that you had considered to start your career?

I went to university, I enjoyed it but realised I needed the correct exposure and to be up close and personal with the industry to become a full rounded Digital Marketer, I realised this could be achieved successfully via the apprenticeship route.

I needed to build and fine tune my craft while adding value to an employer, so to gain experience and exposure via an apprenticeship was the absolute right decision!

What does the future have in store for you?

I am hoping to gain as much industry exposure and add as much value to myself, my employer and the industry as possible.

I want to work towards becoming a Digital Media Marketing Assistant or a content website developer.


Are you ready to start progressing through your career just as Alex is?

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