Why choose workplace coaching?

Workplace learning enables you to develop your team’s knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours. TDM’s “killer combination” of Skills & Knowledge Coaches and Professional Development Coaches will help you to recruit, retain, engage and improve your talent pool.

Train Your Team

If you are an employer looking to develop teams or individuals, TDM can help you succeed. An Ofsted Monitoring visit report on our Apprenticeships delivery has been published online recently.  It is worth comparing our SP + SP + SP grades with the national trend for grades (Nov 2018)  as shown in this spreadsheet (from FE week).

Apprenticeship Standards

Digital Marketer

Information Communications Technician

Network Engineer

Software Developer

Digital Support Technician


Degree Apprenticeships

BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions Professional

BSc (Hons) Digital Marketing (Integrated) Degree

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