Why Choose TDM as your Apprenticeship Training Provider?

You should choose TDM as your apprenticeship training provider because we will care about your workplace performance and manage your professional development. We are not only excellent technical trainers, we are also professional educators who will help you to really progress at work.


An Ofsted Monitoring visit report on our Apprenticeships delivery has been published online recently.  It is worth comparing our SP + SP + SP grades with the national trend for grades (Nov 2018)  as shown in this spreadsheet (from FE week).

Technical Knowledge and Skills

We will coach and train you to discover, understand, remember and apply technical knowledge and skills in your workplace. You might well be able to develop yourself without us, but we know we can focus and accelerate your learning process.

Professional Development: Behaviours and Habits

Knowledge and Skills are not all that matter. Training is not education. Learning is a personal journey via which you can develop increasingly higher order thinking skills. Our coaches are professional educators who want to help you to become the very best version of yourself that you can possibly become.

Doing Well by Doing Good

Our company’s focus is to Do Well by Doing Good. We are professional, business-minded people who understand that we can prosper by delighting our customers. We are determined to create amazing value for employers, employees and apprentices. We will be working hard to deliver a meaningful learning journey for you.

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