Bespoke Virtual Learning Environments

The Development Manager (TDM) first started out in Business as a Software Development and hosting support company for Virtual Learning Environments.

Mahara ePortfolio System

TDM have been a Mahara supporter since 2007.
“Learning Up!”

Mahara is a learner-driven reflective learning environment in which learners:

  • Store their learning artefacts (helping to CAPTURE learning for the employer)
  • Build their Reflective ePortfolios (helping to CONSOLIDATE and CREATE new learning for the employer)
  • Work in learning groups (communities of practice/interest) (helping the employer to TRANSFER learning and GENERATE new ideas).


TDM have hosted and supported mission-critical Mahara platforms since 2007.

We published two books on Mahara deployment. We can help your organisation with:

  • Mahara deployment and learning consultancy
  • Mahara software hosting and helpdesk support
  • Codeline modifications and platform integrations as needed.

Our satisfied clients include Colleges, Universities, other Training Providers and professional bodies such as The Pensions Regulator.


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Torara Learn

TDM were the first ever Totara partner outside the founding partner organisations.

“Learning Down by Learning Up!”

Totara Learn is an institutionally-structured learning management system in which learners:

  • Are engaged on structured, individual Learning Plans featuring objectives, appraisals and more
  • Which take them through courses and programmes of learning featuring static, interactive and social learning activities.
  • And which generates detailed learning records and reports for institutional analysis.
  • TDM also host and support Moodle platforms.  Moodle is a software alternative to Totara which focuses more on Course Management and less on Learning Management.

TDM have hosted and supported mission-critical Moodle and Totara platforms since 2007.

We can help your organisation with:

  • Totara Learn deployment and learning consultancy
  • Totara Learn software hosting and helpdesk support
  • Totara Learn codeline modifications and platform integrations as needed.

TDM VLE Middleware are an official Mahara Business Partner.

We help organisations experience the very best of Mahara and open source. Our specialist support team provide managed hosting, 24/7 performance monitoring with emergency response, administrator and technical helpdesk, consultancy, implementations, configuration, upgrades and training services. TDM also offer codeline and plugin development, integrations and theming.

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