Bespoke Apprenticeship Services and Consultancy

We design, develop and manage employer-owned apprenticeships academies.

TDM understand apprenticeships delivery extremely well indeed.  We offer employers the following apprenticeship services:


Apprenticeships consultancy services:

advice, implementation & ongoing audits


Learning and development consultancy:

understanding required business impacts, analysing training needs and continuously evaluating & validating training implementations


Everyday apprenticeships management services:

access to funding (if required), managing programme delivery, managing audits, managing inspections, etc.

It is not unusual for employers to access complementary Virtual Learning Environment support from our sister company:


VLE Middleware

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How We Can Help

The Government in England are driving forwards their support for employer-owned Standard Apprenticeships. All companies need help to deliver the new Apprenticeship Standards. In this context, TDM Work-Based Learning Consultancy understand that employers in all occupational sectors need to continuously develop and manage a bespoke apprenticeships academy or a corporate university.

It’s cost-effective to bring in the experts, The Development Manager (TDM) are happy to lend our hard-earned expertise on an outsourcing or consultancy basis. We can also contribute our expertise in computing, programming and digital skills.

An Ofsted Monitoring visit report on our Apprenticeships delivery has been published online recently.  It is worth comparing our SP + SP + SP grades with the national trend for grades (Nov 2018)  as shown in this spreadsheet (from FE week).

Design A Bespoke Programme For Your Team

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