Why use TDM for Learning and Development?

The Development Manager Ltd (TDM) UKPRN 10020884 are aware that you have a number of Learning and Development / Apprenticeships Partners to choose from and we want to thank you for considering us.

We believe that our main differentiator is that:

“We deliver work-based learning, underpinned by academic rigour”.

Many of our competitors do not get this balance as “right” as we do.  These are some of our learning delivery principles:

A TDM learning and devlopment apprentice sat at a desk on a computer

Apprenticeships programmes are learner responsive, employer-owned and public-funded

Every employer needs an Individual Learning Plan for their apprentice. TDM Coaches “triangulate” the drivers of that plan to meet the needs of all stakeholders in it:  The National standard, the employer-mentor and the learner themselves.

Coaching is core

We place a heavy emphasis on applying theory to practice and we support this via personalised coaching (compare the amount of coaching your apprentice will receive from TDM compared to our competitors).    

We offer two types of coach:

  • The TDM Skills and Knowledge Coach focuses on created the skilled practitioner.  They help the apprentice to achieve and exceed the national standard.
  • The TDM Professional Development Coach is the whole person educator.  They develop employability attitudes and behaviours as well as higher order thinking skills. They make sure that the apprentice amazes the employer and completes the apprenticeship.

Training only works in small classrooms

TDM guarantee a maximum class size of 15 learners. This is because, we know that when a classroom has more than 15 learners it is not possible to teach everyone in the room.  The trainer of a group size 15+ too often reverts to: 

  • chalk-and-talk” or “watch this video” content presentation with inadequate comprehension checks
  • and unmonitored pair/group activities.

Flipped Classroom

In old-fashioned classrooms were for content presentation and homework was set for consolidation (without just-in-time tutoring).  In TDM’s “flipped” classroom, the homework is focussed on content assimilation in advance of the classroom.  The classroom is then subsequently deployed for consolidation of the learning (with just-in-time tutoring on hand).

Blended Learning

TDM’s approach to eLearning is “Person in the machine” NOT “Text > Next.  We see our Virtual Learning Environment as a wonderful alternative channel (to the classroom) for learner<->trainer interaction.  Our priority is not to establish unmonitored learning as a workload-reduction technique.

Recruitment Filtering

We offer a thorough and careful applicant filtering service to make sure that employers only interview applicants who believe will be right for them.  This reduces time-wasting on the part of both the applicant and the prospective employer.

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