Are you looking for an Apprenticeship to kickstart or further your career?

We understand that there are so many different options to explore when striving to move onto the next or first stage of your career. But how much do you actually know about apprenticeships? Do you know that there is no upper age limit? That you can still gain a Degree while doing an apprenticeship? Or that there is currently an incentive available for employers taking on an apprentice right now?

Apprenticeships are all about the long term, not the short. An apprenticeship is not only a great way to take the next step in your career, allowing you to gain a qualification whilst working a full time job and earning, but also provides and generates long term career success by combining work based learning and experience.


Meet RebeccaRebecca with her mentor, Harps, at Siren Search.

“Since completing my apprenticeship I have been fortunate enough to take on further responsibilities and the company has grown, meaning there are a whole host of opportunities which I am taking the lead on.”

“I have gone from apprentice to the ‘go to person’ in the office, focusing on events and website building, it’s all really exciting!”

“For anyone that is considering the apprenticeship route I would say just do it!”

“I love what I do and am so thankful to TDM and the apprenticeship route for allowing me to do what I have always wanted.”


Why should I become an Apprentice?

An apprenticeship is categorically not an easy option.

An apprenticeship requires wholehearted commitment, hard work, dedication and a laser focussed drive to succeed in your career. With a TDM Apprenticeship you will be employed by a company who are investing their time into developing you as a colleague for the long term. You will get to work alongside experienced staff who will help you to develop job-specific skills. So, as an apprentice, you will be gaining new skills and valuable on-the-job experience – whilst earning a salary as you study and work.

At the end of your Apprenticeship, you will achieve a nationally-recognised standard in your profession. When choosing other routes it can sometimes take a long time to get into your chosen line of work, however, with an apprenticeship you are automatically working within that industry.

As we previously mentioned, there is currently a £3,000 incentive running for employers recruiting apprentices.

What do the Incentives mean for me?

Well, the current incentives showcase how important and relevant apprenticeships currently are, not only for employers and for apprentices themselves, but also for the revival of our economy.

The incentives mean that we have a number of live vacancies with a number of different employers across the West Midlands, who are engaging with the incentives and wanting an apprentice to join their company for the long term and add value.

Why a Career in the Tech & Digital sector?

The Tech & Digital sector is an exciting, fast-evolving and extremely relevant area to be in. The industry is only going to develop more with the arrival of Industry 4.0 and with every organisation having to go through their own version of Digital Transformation on some level, no matter how small. Digital Transformation will also mean a transformation in the skills of the workforce, where certain skills and job roles will decline as new emergent tech & digital roles appear to replace them.

The acceleration of Digital Transformation will change how all companies provide various services, interact with clients and customers, promote their services and create their goods, whilst placing a huge pressure on online delivery and remote operations. From one-man bands to major corporations, services are being rethought, products are being digitised, delivery is being adapted and the eyes of the World are turning to digital output.

The working World has changed for good and the Covid-19 pandemic has brought the need for skilled digital professionals into laser focus, which is why now is the time to be kickstarting your tech & digital career.

Our current Live Apprenticeship Vacancies

Check out the link to our current live apprenticeship vacancies here and get in touch.

We work with a whole host of different employers across the entirety of the West Midlands where our team of experts work tirelessly to team up the right apprentice with the right employer where we enhance long-term career success and social mobility by delivering on regional skills priorities.

What apprentice vacancies are available?

At The Development Manager, the Apprenticeship standards we offer are:

Level 3 Apprenticeships

Digital Marketer, Information Communications Technician, Data Technician

Level 4 Apprenticeships

Network Engineer, Software Developer.

Degree Level Apprenticeships

BSc (Hons) Digital & Technology Solutions Professional Degree, BSc (Hons) Digital Marketer Integrated Degree.

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