Values and Mission

Our Core Focus:

Our Purpose/Vision:

Doing Well by Doing Good

Our Core Academic Principle:

Genuinely Task-Based Learning, Underpinned by Academic Rigour.

Our Niche / Missions:

  • Career & Social MobilityWork Based Learning & Apprenticeships from Career Entry to BSc (Hons) Degree
  • Digital Transformation Work Based Learning  & Apprenticeships for Tech, Digital and Management Support
  • Virtual Learning Environments: Bespoke VLEs – Hosting, Support, Coding, Consultancy & ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation)

Our Core Values

Everyone at TDM is expected to meet our quality bar. We expect our team to live by our values and promote these amongst the people we work with:
  1. Be Driven (to Gain Creativity)
  2. Be Accountable (to Gain Control)
  3. Be Productive (to Gain Impact)
  4. Be Considerate (to Gain Trust)
  5. Be Vulnerable (to Gain Growth)