Values and Mission

The Development Manager is a values-driven organisation.

We are committed to helping close the productivity gap in the West Midlands and the United Kingdom, supporting the economy by responding to local and regional skills needs and increasing social mobility of the local population. We are committed to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children, young people and adults at risk. We deliver apprenticeships because we genuinely believe in the tremendous value of work-based learning, strive to achieve the highest educational standards and we always look to walk the walk, as well as talk the talk. 

To achieve this, we have identified our core focus and target as an organisation and the values that we live by to keep us on track supporting these aims.

Core values

  1. Be Driven – find meaning in your work, enjoy working, bring solutions not problems, go the extra mile
  2. Be Accountable – do as you are directed, do what is needed when it is needed most, do as you say you will
  3. Be Productive – be efficient, be effective
  4. Be Considerate – listen, notice, respond
  5. Be Vulnerable – dummy up, speak up, learn from feedback


Core Focus™

Purpose: Doing Well by Doing Good

Niche: Genuinely work based learning, underpinned by academic rigour – tech & digital specialists

Core Target™

A scalable and sustainable business headquartered in UK with a minimum £6m annual turnover by 31 July 2028.

Entrepreneurial Operating System

As a growth-oriented organisation, The Development Manager began implementation of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in 2018. EOS® is a system of concepts and practical tools designed to help entrepreneurs and leaders get what they want from their businesses. EOS® is a key part of TDM’s strategy and processes to embed systematic and permanent quality improvement.

Core Focus™ and Core Target™ are part of EOS®.

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