Every year TDM look to support a local initiative that can have a real impact and make a real difference for local people in need. This year we chose to raise money to support the Oasis Warndon Community Hub and managed to raise a brilliant £300 donation for the Hub to use for their “Winter Food Aid” scheme as well as other local projects that the Hub are working on at the moment.

Oasis is a movement of volunteers, activists and professionals that works in 36 communities across the UK. Through their integrated ‘Community hub model’, they seek to create a new sense of neighborhood in communities that had previously been forgotten by society. They look to achieve this by providing a broad and inclusive range of community development services especially for vulnerable and isolated people. Oasis was established by Steve Chalke MBE in 1985, with the aim of starting a school, a hospital and a hostel, accessible to people who needed it the most. Over the years, Oasis has grown and so too has the vast scope of our activities. Steve’s pioneering work has been internationally acknowledged with his appointment as UN. GIFT Special Advisor on Community Action against Human Trafficking in 2008. Steve is also a Baptist Minister, thus the Christian ethos underpins Oasis and provides us with the purpose to continue our work.

The Hub in Warndon Worcestershire  is one of the branches created from the original initiative and began to offer support to the Warndon community four years ago. 

Today, the Hub offer a wide variety of activities to support families to connect with their children as well as support through food projects, and drop in toddler groups and coffee mornings where families can seek advice on things like energy bills and tariffs, housing, mental health & wellbeing, parenting courses as well as emergency support to those who are in crisis.

The Hub and its small team of staff and amazing volunteers works with the community in many ways to provide access to vital services and support on their doorstep.

I met with two of the Community Family Support Workers, Amy Mullens and Hannah Harrison (pictured below) at the Oasis Warndon Community Hub to talk about the current projects and initiatives. Here’s an insight into the interview: 

Could you give me an insight into the vision and mission of the Hub? 

So the mission Oasis has for its Community Hubs is to be a place for families to receive the support they need to thrive. Whether that is through our free parenting courses, the safe spaces we provide, support through the food projects, we are here to offer advice and support.

One of our main initiatives here is to develop a range of projects that offer family support as well as signposting to a range of other services that we collaborate with to offer help and advice when needed.

What are some current projects that you are working on for the community? 

Throughout the year we offer a number of food projects and often provide extra support with school holiday meals. We also run a free coffee & chat morning every Thursday for the community which is well attended and at the end of the sessions people can take bag of food for their week ahead. People can also just call in for food support during the group, they don’t have to stop and chat. 

Most of the projects that have been developed have been sparked by an idea or discussion with somebody that has popped into the hub or that has been in touch. Its great to be able to develop projects alongside the community so that we know what the local community want to see happening.

We are currently working a fitness and wellbeing programme that we hope will provide activities to get families moving and out and about making friends. We have really missed these social meet ups and so have families during covid 19.

Are there things that you offer all the time for the community as a constant? 

During the pandemic demand for food support rapidly increased, this led us to develop a number of programmes in response to this. As we emerge from the pandemic families continue to need help with food and other family support too.

The work of the Hub provides a safe place to many local families and also individuals who often just need somebody to talk to and somebody to listen and offer advice, support and friendship.

 It was a pleasure to meet with Amy & Hannah and see how the donation from TDM would help them meet some of these needs and provide some of the necessary support.

If your business would like to help out and also support the work of the Oasis Warndon Community Hub there are many initiatives that need funding to get off the ground. Opportunities would include: 

  • A sponsored breakfast for the community & continued funding for their Academy based breakfast initiative which sees every child in school receive breakfast each morning if they would like it.
  • Purchasing outdoor furniture to create outdoor eating space at the Hub for the local community
  • Sponsoring a sports session for local children and their families to get outdoors and become more active
  • DiY materials to help create a welcoming family support room space
  • Volunteering time to help maintain the Community Hub Garden

If you are interested in the work of the Hub, interested in sponsoring them or just want to find out more, just contact The Hub Team at communityhub@oasiswarndon.org or give them a call on 01905 453530.

You can also check out their Facebook page here.