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Digital Skills Bootcamps

Tech, Digital, Coding and Data Pathways to reskill your current workforce and recruit Apprentices, trained to your skills needs

Skills Bootcamps are funded, flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills. Learners can achieve ITS, Google or Cisco Certifications.

Programme Pathways

a man holding a laptop next to networking cables for the tech, networking and cyber security skills bootcamps pathway


several people sat at a large desk looking at their computers for the digital support and marketing skills bootcamps pathway


a computer screen showing lines of code for the coding and web design skills bootcamps pathway


several people sat at a large desk looking at their computers for the digital support and marketing skills bootcamps pathway

Data / AI

Train Recruits

Use our Skills Bootcamps to develop your pipeline of Apprentice recruits and train individuals with the skills and to use technologies you need and soft workplace skills.

Employers must guarantee an interview for Apprentice recruits.

Hire Apprentices Now

Hire Apprentices who have already been trained by TDM’s Ofsted Outstanding Adult Education via our Skills Bootcamps.

We have candidates across the region who are eager to start their Tech careers with you now, with showcase e-portfolios demonstrating the skills development relevant to organisations.

Upskill Your Team

Upskill current staff to fully utilise technologies in your organisation, and access funding for Skills Bootcamps for staff training rather than pay commercially.

What does Digital Transformation mean for you?

Digital transformation doesn’t just mean cutting edge technologies, it also means making full use of what is available now, which many organisations are lagging behind with. Critical to the adoption of new technologies is having employees with the skills to effectively use them.

Adopting digital marketing

•Making sure your organisation has a presence on all relevant online platforms

•Ensuring your business appears in the top search engine rankings

Moving from spreadsheets to software solutions and databases

•E.g. adopting a CRM system

•Cleansing the data ready for a database

Automating data entry

•E.g. forms capture data and API links transfer data from one system to another, such as from a website to a CRM or database

•Increase efficiencies, reduce double data entry and inaccuracies

Utilising data

•Using a reporting system to present critical data to internal and external stakeholders and customers

•E.g. sales and marketing performance, customer insights, delivery effectiveness

Moving from physical infrastructure to the cloud

•Reducing the need for onsite hardware

•Seeking greener credentials as an organisation

•Reduce the need for physical office space if employees work from home

Making full use of productivity tools and essential software

•Platforms like Microsoft Teams are powerful tools to help manage workloads and facilitate project management

•The success or failure of implementing these systems depends on staff engagement

FAQs and Eligibility

What are Skills Bootcamps?

Skills Bootcamps are short, up to 16 week programmes of coaching and training to support adults into new Tech and Digital roles – either an Apprenticeship in a new organisation or taking on a new role or more responsibilities at work.

Participants are assigned outstanding TDM Coaches who provide coaching and training support, with an Individualised Learning Plan to secure a new Tech and Digital role. The learner constructs a Showcase e-Portfolio as part of the Bootcamp programme.

There are x4 Pathways participants can choose from to help them achieve a new Tech and Digital Job:

  • Tech/Cyber
  • Developers
  • Data
  • Marketing/Multimedia

As part of the Bootcamp, participants can achieve a industry-recognised certification from organisations such as Google, ITS and Cisco. Participants will also have access to a vast library of study materials from O’Reilly.

Eligibility criteria apply.

Who is eligible to sign up?

The TDM team will ask for information from you to check your eligibility for the Skills Bootcamps.

  • How old do I have to be to be on the Bootcamp? You must be 19 years or older
  • What previous qualification restrictions apply? None, unless you already hold one of these certifications or their equivalents
  • Am I allowed to participate on the Bootcamp as well as another educational programme? You are not able to engage with this Bootcamp, and another Government funded educational programme at the same time. This is called “Double Funding”
  • I’m on Restart, am I eligible for your Skills Bootcamps? Yes
  • Can I be employed? Yes
  • Am I eligible based on where I live? Residents of the wider West Midlands are eligible for TDM’s Bootcamps (i.e. Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, The West Midlands Combined Authority Area, Shropshire and Staffordshire)
  • Where does the Bootcamp take place? On TDM’s online Virtual Learning Environment

What is the cost to the organisation to use a Skills Bootcamp to reskill the current workforce?

SME businesses will contribute 10% and larger organisations 30% of the programme cost (approximately £400 or £1,200 respectively) to put current employees on Digital Skills Bootcamps.

What is the cost to the organisation to use a Skills Bootcamp to train new recruits?

There is no cost to employers for this, but organisations must commit to interviewing recruits engaged on the Skills Bootcamp. There are no recruitment fees.

Must the organisation employ one of the recruits interviewed?

No, the interview is the only commitment but should an organisation choose to not employee a recruit who has been trained for their vacancies, TDM will expect feedback on the decision and potentially the opportunity to train the recruit further.

Is there a commitment from the organisation for employees reskilling via the Skills Bootcamps?

Yes, an organisation must provide evidence that the learner has taken on new accountabilities or a new job role as a result of the Skills Bootcamps. Employees must be committed to attending Training and Coaching sessions, approximately 1 day per week and undertaking the studying set by their coaches. If employers and employees believe they will struggle with the commitment to daytime coaching and training, please talk to your TDM Learning and Development Representative and other options can be explored.

When does delivery of the Skills Bootcamps training and coaching take place?

The Skills Bootcamp training and coaching takes place during working hours (approximately 1 day per week for already employed learners) but if there is the need for out-of-hours delivery, please discuss this with your TDM representative.

Is the organisation expected to release time for employees to attend the Skills Bootcamps training?

Yes, although the employee will be expected to study in their own time and if out of hours delivery is required, please discuss this with your TDM representative.

Does the programme have to take the full 16 weeks?

No, but learners must do 60 to 110 hours of Guided Learning Hours (the learner will be expected to engage with this learning out of hours at home also).

How do I sign up and what is the sign up process?

If you are interested in our Skills Bootcamps for your organisation, please click here to fill out our expression of interest form.

Once the expression of interest form has been completed, we will get in touch with you via the contact information you have provided.

After confirmation that your employees are eligible, Initial Assessments will need to be completed, as well as an Enrolment form.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our team:
0333 10 100 40

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