Happy National Careers Week! *clapping hands emoji*

We want to use this national opportunity to promote the value of apprenticeships, the commitment required to complete an apprenticeship, the long term change and success an apprenticeship can generate and the progression routes you can exploit to further your career.

So, what’s the difference between a job and a career? There is one key difference – attitude.

People who want a career are not laser focussed on a pay check at the end of the month, career driven people are always thinking about their long-term goals, how they can achieve the next objective to reach the next level of their career. A career can compromise of a series of relevant education and employment opportunities, stringed together to increase knowledge, experience and professional development to make a well-rounded and determined candidate.

Are you looking for an Apprenticeship to kickstart or further your career?

If you are currently looking to kickstart your Tech & Digital career, it’s important to know that there are opportunities there for you and TDM will support you to win your apprenticeship opportunity through our Get Ahead in Digital Transformation Programme and our Apprenticeship Seeker Programme. Both completely fully funded ways to help you grow and formalise Tech & Digital interests into career defining apprenticeships via expert coaching and mentoring.

An apprenticeship is categorically not an easy option. An apprenticeship requires wholehearted commitment, hard work, dedication and a laser focussed drive to succeed in your career. With a TDM Apprenticeship you will be employed by a company who are investing their time into developing you as a colleague for the long term. You will get to work alongside experienced staff who will help you to develop job-specific skills. So, as an apprentice, you will be gaining new skills and valuable on-the-job experience – whilst earning a salary as you study and work.

Why a Career in the Tech & Digital sector?

The Tech & Digital sector is an exciting, fast-evolving and extremely relevant area to be in. The industry is only going to develop more with the arrival of Industry 4.0 and with every organisation having to go through their own version of Digital Transformation on some level, no matter how small. Digital Transformation will also mean a transformation in the skills of the workforce, where certain skills and job roles will decline as new emergent tech & digital roles appear to replace them.

The acceleration of Digital Transformation will change how all companies provide various services, interact with clients and customers, promote their services and create their goods, whilst placing a huge pressure on online delivery and remote operations. From one-man bands to major corporations, services are being rethought, products are being digitised, delivery is being adapted and the eyes of the World are turning to digital output.

The working World has changed for good and the Covid-19 pandemic has brought the need for skilled digital professionals into laser focus, which is why now is the time to be kickstarting your tech & digital career.

Our current Live Apprenticeship Vacancies

Check out the link to our current live apprenticeship vacancies here and get in touch.

We work with a whole host of different employers across the entirety of the West Midlands where our team of experts work tirelessly to team up the right apprentice with the right employer where we enhance long-term career success and social mobility by delivering on regional skills priorities.

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