New technologies, platforms, ever-changing trends and needs, and a customer expectation for a personalised online experience has seen a sharp rise in the need for Digital Marketers for businesses to grow.

We want to introduce you to three of our Digital Marketing apprentices who are now progressing onto the Digital Marketing Degree Apprenticeship!

Josh Corless – Borwell

“From joining Borwell to do the Level 3 Digital Marketing Programme through TDM I have learnt a vast wealth of knowledge and gained so much experience. The coaches at TDM were very helpful and you can tell they have had real world industry experience of what they are teaching. This year I have decided to re-join for the Level 6 Digital Marketing Degree Apprenticeship.”

“I’m looking forward to this opportunity to become further qualified and learn as much as possible and to bring more experience and knowledge back to the office to help Borwell further.”


Hannah Giles – Hereford & Worcester Chamber of Commerce 

“Completing the Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship was a fantastic experience for me; I learnt a wide variety of technical skills as well as having invaluable opportunities to develop my personal and professional skills, such as face-to-face communication, telephone communication and presentation skills.”

“I’m looking forward to developing these further and taking on more responsibility in my role as I progress through the Level 6 Digital Marketing Degree. I think this will really enable me to develop my understanding of key marketing principles and apply these to campaigns and projects.”


Alex Price – Worcestershire Lep

“For me, I wanted to complete the Digital Marketing Degree Apprenticeship as I believe it is the best and most enjoyable way for me to continue the development of my digital marketing skills after completing the Level 3 programme. By taking part in the level 3 programme I was able to build up a strong foundation of marketing knowledge which has allowed me to excel in my role.

The Digital Marketing Degree Apprenticeship with TDM was an exciting announcement and the clear choice for me, as I can carry on my learning over the next three years in an engaging format which combines educational learning with real world working situations, all whilst getting paid and with the support of my employer. Overall this will help me to become a more effective and better digital marketer.”


Since 2007 TDM has trained 100s of Digital and Technical Apprentices. As a sign of our commitment to excellence and quality, each year a number of our Apprentices are nominated and win various Apprenticeships Awards. Our proven success and our partnership with the University of Wolverhampton puts us in a prime position to deliver a professional experience that will see your Digital Marketing excel.

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