Meet Rebecca!

“Follow your passion and see where it takes you, be pro-active and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.”

Rebecca, Digital Marketer Level 3

Rebecca has recently achieved a Distinction grade on the Level 3 Digital Marketer apprenticeship program at TDM. This is a fantastic achievement and the highest grade that an apprentice can accomplish! We visited Rebecca in her workplace to hear her apprenticeship story.

“I had actually already done an apprenticeship so to a certain degree I knew what to expect, but getting a foot in the door of the career I dreamt of working within, was my absolute goal and all I wanted. Luckily I was able to find this through TDM and the opportunities that became accessible to me via the apprenticeship route. 

The balance of learning and working and the impact it has is definitely something I have thoroughly enjoyed and reaped the benefits of during the duration of my apprenticeship. I was able to multi-task to high levels and could apply that knowledge straight away in the workplace, which was highly beneficial. TDM offered tailored technical support that was relevant to my job role and enabled me to upskill constantly within my role.  

The apprenticeship with TDM enabled me to gain a huge wealth of knowledge and skills and allowed me to meet other relevant people in the industry that I could learn form and work alongside. What I loved more than anything was being able to implement these skills immediately into my job, what I was learning via the key modules and tutoring support; I was able to apply to my job the next day, whilst also documenting my experiences via my   e-portfolio. 

I was able to balance the program expectations and employer expectations really well and I believe this was largely down to the supportiveness of my manager, enabling me to prioritise my workload and giving me time to focus on the work I needed to do for my apprenticeship. I believe my passion for the sector and the managerial support I was provided with enabled me to achieve the highest grade possible, I was actually on holiday when I found out and I was over the moon!

Since completing my apprenticeship I have been fortunate enough to take on further responsibilities. The team has grown in size, we have new clients and a new found growth of the company creates many new adventures and opportunities that I am able to take a lead in. I have gone from an apprentice to now the ‘go to person’ of the office, focusing on events and website building, it’s all really exciting! 

For anyone that is considering the apprenticeship route I would say just do it! If you are ever unsure or have any queries then just ask for help and advice, everyone is so nice at TDM, staff and learners; they are always willing to show support and guidance. 

Following my apprenticeship completion, I one hundred percent want to stay with the business and help them grow and develop even further. I love what I do and am so thankful to TDM and the apprenticeship route for allowing me to do what I have always wanted.”

Rebecca completed her apprenticeship with Siren Search in Birmingham, where she remains an integral member of the team!