Meet Josh

“Even if you feel that you lack experience, just have a willingness to learn and the possibilities are endless.”

Joshua has recently achieved a Distinction grade on the Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship program at TDM. This is a fantastic achievement and the highest grade that an apprentice can achieve! We sat down with Josh to talk to him about his experiences: this is his story.

“I really wanted a career and to develop my knowledge in Infrastructure Tech, unfortunately I lacked the real-life experience. I decided to apply for an apprenticeship after seeing the variety of jobs and skills I could be exposed to, and I am so glad that I did! The whole interview process with TDM and Overt was quick and run really smoothly. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the apprenticeship as well as being exposed to different dimensions of the business and growing in my knowledge day-by-day.

One of the biggest skills I learned and developed through the course was my confidence at work. I used to be uncomfortable answering the phone and felt unsure, however I found the professional development courses really helpful and was supported by TDM’s professional development coaches to build up business skills and confidence. I now work closely with clients both over the phone and face-to-face, which was an alien concept to me before.

With regards to my technical abilities, these have improved hugely thanks to the knowledge modules and exams that I had to complete as part of my course. It is here that I learned many different aspects of IT and gained the knowledge and confidence to implement these new skills, which is one of the things I enjoyed the most about the programme.

Alongside this, my professional development coach provided me with extra material for personal and professional development, such as providing me with books for Linux and also providing me with a Pluralsight and BCS membership, which allowed me to learn a lot of new skills I’d never even researched before.

Both my coaches offered me a lot of advice in regards to my e-portfolio pages, which has helped me achieve all competencies and behaviours required for meeting the national standard.

I have taken on further responsibilities since completing the apprenticeship and deal with all the technical support calls, higher level ticket issues and calls. I have earned a full-time job with my apprenticeship placement, Overt, on the back of the programme and now even mentor another apprentice who has just joined us through TDM. I would never have seen myself doing this and I believe it’s only possible thanks to the effort of the coaches at TDM who have supported my development.

My managers here at Overt approached me to take on this extra responsibility which I found to be a flattering acknowledgement of my skill and ability and boosted my confidence. I am continuing to learn even more from this opportunity and feel like my journey has gone full circle.

Reflecting back on the coaching experiences, I knew that if I ever got stuck with anything, I always felt comfortable raising any concerns or questions I had with my coaches. I believe without their help through my apprenticeship, I wouldn’t be where I am today. This has inspired me to develop myself even further.

Receiving a distinction was the best feeling in the World and something I feel I’ve really worked for, which just shows how working hard can achieve results you might otherwise have thought weren’t possible.

Now, and in the future, I want to continue to develop my personal and professional skills and progress as far as I can with Overt, while hopefully starting my Cyber-Security degree through TDM.

I really can’t thank everyone at TDM enough, this experience has genuinely changed my life.

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