IT Consultancy

An IT consultant requires a broad set of skills in business analysis, solutions development, network infrastructure, data, cyber security etc.

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They use their consulting skills in order to advise clients on how to best utilise technology to meet their business objectives, overcome problems and increase productivity. They provide strategic guidance to clients with regard to technology and facilitate changing business processes through enhancements to technology solutions. They provide technical assistance, and are often responsible for providing training.


Be able to:

Perform technical process improvement tasks in a range of environments to solve business problems.

Recommend options based upon risks, costs vs benefits, and impact on other business processes.

Support training of end-users in preparation for system activation.


Present optimised solutions to improve business process and workflows through improved technology.

Participate in walk-throughs for IT, to identify and document key risks within a client’s organisation.

Evaluate the success of a new system, process, initiative, etc

Required Technical Knowledge and Understanding

  • How consulting ties into project management, business analysis and business management.
  • The barriers to solving problems or maximizing opportunities.
  • How to present recommendations and influence action.
  • The different structured process approaches for digital technology consulting.
  • How to frame/define business problems objectively before solving them.
  • How to discover hidden requirements using probing techniques to establish trust, using open and closed questions effectively, and avoiding leading questions.

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