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Thomas Smith at DRPG – winner of the Higher Level Apprentice of the Year and Apprentice Of The Year at the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards 2019

There are multiple benefits to your organisation by taking on apprentices, including:

Increasing the capacity and capability in your teams to enable business growth


Improve your service delivery and enable you to support larger and more complex contracts and customers

Taking advantage of the enthusiasm and fresh perspective that apprentices bring with them.

The Development Manager (TDM) aims to help close the digital skills gap and support the economic growth of the region and its businesses by delivering high-quality tech and digital apprenticeships across the Midlands from Level 3 to BSc Honours Degrees; 


One of our long-standing clients put it best:

“We feel that apprenticeships offer a huge opportunity to solve a proportion of our recruitment needs in a low-risk, cost effective and socially responsible way.”

– Lisa Kuell, HR Manager at OGL Computer Services

What will an apprentice bring to my business?

Taking on an apprentice is an opportunity to bring in someone dedicated to developing and progressing their career in your company, who will learn about the business, your products and your customer’s needs from the ground up

Apprentices bring new ideas, a fresh perspective and alternative solutions to your business along with a loyalty, commitment and desire to be part of your company’s journey.

Developing an apprenticeship programme can be a key part of your long term talent pipeline, succession planning and investment in the future.

How do I recruit an apprentice?

Recruiting an apprentice is similar to the usual recruitment process – we act as the recruiter, listing the vacancy and managing the applications and you will interview candidates to see if you think they can do the role and whether they will fit in with your culture.

The difference is that TDM will work with you to make sure that the job specification matches your requirements as well as those of the Institute of Apprenticeships. We also interview candidates as part of a rigorous process to ensure that the best candidates are sent to you to interview.

You will have a dedicated TDM staff member to guide you through the process and assess your business requirements.

How much does it cost?

For businesses paying into the Apprenticeship Levy (currently business with a wage bill over £3 million), the programme fee is covered by the levy itself, subject to your current usage of the levy fund. For non-levy paying business (businesses with a wage bill under £3 million), you can still access levy funding covering 95% of the programme cost.

Levy funding can be a little complex with different funding pots available in the Midlands – please ask us any questions you have about levy funding by calling 0333 10 100 40 or emailing


Investing locally

Taking on an apprentice is an excellent way to invest in the local area and people, and will show your business’ Corporate Social Responsibility; hiring an apprentice means that skills are kept in the region, younger people are invested in, older people have the opportunity to re-skill and you are directly contributing to boosting the local economy.

Types of apprentices available

digital marketing apprentice

Digital Marketing Level 3

infrastructure technician apprentice

Infrastructure Technician Level 3

software development apprentices

Software Developer Level 4

network engineer apprentice

Network Engineer Level 4

digital and technology solutions professional apprentice

Digital and Technology Solutions Professional* BSc Hons

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