There are many challenges facing Digital Marketing Agencies right now. With more people than ever communicating, engaging and shopping online, businesses have realised that they need to stand out from an already noisy crowd. These businesses are now turning to marketing agencies to elevate their services to the forefront of consumers’ minds.

There is, now more than ever, a need to rapidly respond to changes on many different levels and within many different departments. COVID-19 has only accelerated the need to address these challenges, with tech & digital skills gaps taking centre stage within organisations, reskilling a current member of staff into these gaps could be the easiest, quickest, most cost effective and sensible business solution.

Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems.

Digital transformation will mean a transformation in the skills of your workforce. Certain skills and job roles will decline as new emergent tech and digital roles appear. Whilst machines will take on an increasing amount of functions, the workforce must know how to use and manage the machines. Jobs made up of routine tasks are most at risk of decline and replacement by technology, whereas occupations requiring interpersonal and cognitive skills are likely to grow.

Why not invest in your current workforce and allow them to up-skill via our Get Ahead in Digital Transformation Programme and begin bridging those gaps today.

Supporting a Current Team Member to Reskill

Maybe somebody already exists in your team who possesses the right qualities to re-skill into a new role to fill a skills gap that COVID-19 may have generated?

Skills development would allow Digital Marketing Agencies to retrain and retain their team!

Redeploy a dedicated and valuable staff member who could potentially be at risk in their current position? This is a great way to invest in your current workforce, to show backing and support in a time where they could need it the most. Reskilling could be a fantastic retention exercise for Digital Marketing Agencies.

Ensure the talent in your team stays and develop a high calibre of strong and motivated employees who are constantly evolving to bridge the skills gaps that are appearing in a hugely popular and fast evolving industry.

Why our Get Ahead in Digital Transformation Programme?

Not just within Digital Marketing Agencies, but companies across the World have had the need for tech skills contextualised in a way that none of us could ever have predicted and, in some cases, with heart-breaking and devastating consequences. We can use our Get Ahead in Digital Transformation Programme to ensure we’re not caught out like this again.

From one-man bands to major corporations, services are being rethought, products are being digitised, delivery is being adapted and the eyes of the World are turning to digital output.

The working World is changing and the Covid-19 pandemic has brought the need for skilled digital professionals into laser focus, which is why now is the time to be upskilling existing staff and utilising the inhouse skills you already have to revive and thrive in 2021.

What is it?

We have secured funding from the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) to deliver a Coaching Support Programme which moves West Midlands residents into digital occupations.

The coaching programmes are fully funded by WMCA and seek to help companies to acquire and develop the important digital skills they need. For employees, this coaching must result in new digital accountabilities being added to their job description, in order for them to support the business and help them grow exponentially at this business critical time. 

The Get Ahead in Digital Transformation Programme:

Get Ahead in Digital Transformation (GAiDT) is a 6 month GROW Coaching Bootcamp, supporting employed people to add new digital accountabilities to their roles or to help unemployed people into new roles with digital accountabilities. As part of the GAiDT, learners can engage with tech and digital Bootcamps that will each take a minimum of 3 months to improve their knowledge and skills in the area.

  • Digital Transformation
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Development
  • IT Management
  • Data Analysis

With this funding and the Bootcamps on offer we aim to help grow the regional economy by enabling businesses to harness this technologies through improved skills in the workforce, helping people move from jobs roles that are dwindling into new jobs roles that are booming!

How has it helped participants and employers previously?


Ushma – Not Just Travel

“Having had my successful and busy travel consultancy business for almost 3 years, having a solid social media presence is key. With the pandemic, this has created oodles of time and desire to be able to want to learn much more about Social Media and Digital Marketing. A friend suggested this programme to me and I jumped at the chance.”


“To understand how coding for websites is created, best practices and how to apply this to my own business is very exciting. I’m just a few weeks into the independent study, which I can fit around working is great. There are lots of online tools and videos and test your learning sections to support everything you are learning. I have also experienced the virtual classroom, which really did bring all the learning to life and have now taken the first steps to start to build a website. Which is incredible. It’s very satisfying not to have to wait – you just write the code, hit refresh and you can see the results.”


“I’m very excited to keep learning and gain the Microsoft & Google qualifications and very keen to apply all the knowledge I’m learning to my own business. I’m glad I’ve finally taken the plunge to do this and can’t wait to see what sort of opportunities I can create for myself.”

Photo Credit : Matt Wilson Photography 


Hannah – Design and Marketing Executive based in Birmingham

“The Get Ahead in Digital Transformation Programme has allowed me to dig into my Digital Marketing knowledge and understanding and continues to be a relevant and helpful way for me to spend my time right now.”


“My end goal will be to enrol onto an apprenticeship through TDM as soon as I am back from furlough, but this programme is an excellent way to learn relative industry knowledge right now and prepare for different accountabilities I will be ready to take on upon my return to help my company maintain growth.”


“The areas I am focussing on right now are Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation and front end Software Development – this is great as it has allowed me to improve my SEO abilities, explore a variety of Digital Marketing tools and help my website development skills.”


“When I explained to my manager about the programme, the impact I could have as a result and the doors it could open up for the company, he couldn’t wait for me to get started!”


Kimberly – PR & Digital Marketing Agency based in Malvern

After struggling to make a move into a new career in Digital Marketing, during the first Lockdown I started the Get Ahead in Digital Marketing Programme.”


Since then I have now managed to land myself my dream career for a PR & Digital Marketing Agency.”


I couldn’t have managed this without the help of the Get Ahead Programme!”



Le’Shae – Digital Marketing Associate based in Birmingham

The programme helped me secure my apprenticeship as it showed my employer that I was dedicated to developing my skills before even starting.”


It also gave me a great baseline understanding of Digital Marketing and Web Development which I still benefit from in my role now!”


“I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of the Programme and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn or improve in their Digital skills.”



If you are, or work for, a Digital Marketing Agency and would be interested in joining the programme or would like to reskill someone within the business, get in touch for a no-obligation phone call. The solutions to your tech and digitally based problems may already exist in your company – recruit, reskill, retain!


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