National Coding Week is celebrated in order to build and develop Tech & Digital skills and confidence, to enable you to thrive in the 2021 working world, where tech is the cornerstone.

As a Tech & Digital Training Provider, we offer a number of career entry Programmes and Apprenticeship standards to compliment the skill-sets that employers want and need and the kind of roles that are thriving in the job market now.

Software Developer Level 4 

As part of the Apprenticeships that we offer and in conjunction with #NationalCodingWeek, we offer a Software Developer Level 4 Apprenticeship!

If coding, PC Gaming, website creating and amending is something that you enjoy doing in your spare time, maybe this Apprenticeship is for you?

Meet Vikki

Vikki is currently on her Software Developer Level 4 Apprenticeship as a Website Assistant with her employer, Orphans Press.

“I have always enjoyed working on computers so when I was furloughed from my receptionist job I chose to make the most of my time and started learning to code online, five months later I started my apprenticeship at Orphans.

“My apprenticeship has pushed me to keep learning new skills – I am currently working on a database project using the latest php frameworks.”

“In the first few months I went from knowing the very basics to building websites from start to finish.” 

“Being female has never put me off doing what I’ve wanted to do, however for years I thought studying was just for the under 25s and I was too late, so I would like to say apprenticeships aren’t just for young people – I’m in my mid 30s and it’s never too late to change your career!”
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