Digital Transformation: The most important decision you haven’t made

Businesses across the World have had the need for tech skills contextualised in a way that none of us could ever have predicted and, in some cases, with heart-breaking and devastating consequences. We can ensure we’re not caught out like this again.

From one-man bands to major corporations, services are being rethought, products are being digitised, delivery is being adapted and the eyes of the World are turning to digital output.

The working World is changing and the Covid-19 pandemic has brought the need for skilled digital professionals into laser focus, which is why now is the time to be upskilling existing staff or creating a recruitment strategy for new tech apprentices.


There is government funding available for businesses looking to make their company viable in the digital age and we want to be a part of your digital transformation.

Digital marketers, IT experts, software developers and network engineers can be the difference between a business being reliant on outdated infrastructure and physical human contact, and having the capacity to thrive in a World where the marketplace is online.

No one can come into your office? Take interactive HD video to them through social media.

Delivering a service or product? Create a digital equivalent that can be used anywhere in the World.

Need your team to work seamlessly together from home? Your IT guy will make it feel like you’re all sat together in the office, just with a smaller coffee round.

These are challenging times for us all, however this unique context is temporary. What’s waiting on the other side is a World of opportunity for those with the skills and positioning to be the best version of themselves in the digital age.

Specifically, we have two key solutions which we are proud to deliver on behalf of the UK government:

Get Ahead in Digital Transformation

We are currently offering free virtual Grow Programmes in:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Development
  • IT Management
  • Data Analysis

Our programmes also include certifications from organisations such as Google and Microsoft, fully funded by the government to make this available to people in the UK.

There has never been a better opportunity to learn the skills required to thrive in an technologically-dependent World, so to find out more about them and how you sign up, visit:

Recruiting a tech apprentice

Alternatively, if you are a business considering a longer-term solution to your skills gap, we have a talent pool of outstanding technical apprentices specialising in a wide range of digital fields.

For many companies, offering an apprenticeship programme is funded by the government or funding can be accessed in order to make it viable and affordable. Which we think is good news.

we would love to partner you up with someone who can make a huge, long-term impact within your business.

To request a call to discuss your business needs, email: