We often work with people who finish their first term at University or College and decide that it just isn’t for them; some don’t enjoy their course or struggle to see the career prospects and others would rather get started on their career, do something they enjoy and earn a salary.

If this is you, come and start an apprenticeship!

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a salaried job with a training plan where you develop your skills and knowledge, gain valuable experience, develop professionally and become qualified in a nationally recognised trade.

University and College graduates often struggle to start a career due to a lack of on-the-job experience that employers require; softer skills including; problem solving, creative and logical thinking, working to deadlines and with diverse teams are essential. As an apprentice, you are a full-time employee of an organisation, earning a wage, gaining valuable sector experience, whilst working towards your qualification.

An apprenticeship will benefit you in a number of ways

Through on and off the job learning, you’ll learn about different aspects of the discipline such as Digital Marketing or Software Development and put this into practice with real-world projects and work.This gives you deeper understanding of what you’re learning and allows you to implement this in the organisation with actual customers and delivery.

As you’ll be working alongside a range of colleagues, customers and stakeholders, you’ll quickly build up professional networks that’ll benefit you in your career and help you reach your professional goals.

There are clear progression routes to start and develop your career, leading onto Level 6 Degree Apprenticeships, which will enable you to achieve a Degree without the traditional fee paying route at Universities.

I’m ready to start my Apprenticeship journey

At The Development Manager, we provide a range of apprenticeship programmes from Level 3 through to BSc Degree. We offer an Information, Advice and Guidance service, supporting you with your careers development and will work with you to secure an apprenticeship opportunity with a local organisation.

Fill out our form to register your interest in apprenticeships, and check out our vacancies page to see the live opportunities we currently have available across the West Midlands.

If you have any questions or want to find out more, please get in touch with our team by emailing us at enquiries@tdm.co.uk or giving us a call on 0333 10 100 40.