Can you help us kickstart and develop Tech and Digital careers, improve social mobility and improve the regional and national economy?

We at TDM are incredibly proud of the work we do helping organisations in the West Midlands access public funds to develop the tech and digital skills of their employees or new recruits through the variety of coaching programmes we offer. We are equally proud to utilise this funding to coach and train local people into new tech and digital roles also.

This contributes to the region by improving the social mobility of its residents and improves the ability of organisations to leverage technologies, increase their productivity and then to develop the regional and national economies.

We believe in Doing Well by Doing Good.  

This means that in order to do well for ourselves, developing in our careers and our salaries, we do good for the organisation that we are working for. 


The right person in the right seat

As a company with strong, ambitious growth targets and aims to deliver good for the region, TDM wishes to engage people with the requisite skills, knowledge and behaviours, aligned to the company’s values and goals (the right person) and employ them in roles where they can achieve targets and “Do Well by Doing Good” (the right seat).  

Employees must demonstrate the company values of being: Driven, Accountable, Productive, Considerate and Vulnerable

They must also: 

  • Get It (understand their role, the business, its aims and what they can / should do to achieve this)
  • Want It (have a desire to do good in the role)
  • and have the Capacity for the role (the time and the ability to achieve what is required by the role)

Safeguarding in recruitment

TDM are committed to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children, young people and adults at risk. Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility and we have an essential role to play in making our learning community safe and secure. Our Safeguarding Policy can be read on our Polices Page.

Safeguarding and Safe Recruitment Practice is embedded throughout our Recruitment Process in line with with our Recruitment Policy. For example, through Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, thorough confirmation of Identity and offers of employment being subject to references collected.

Safer recruitment practice includes those persons who may not have direct contact with children, but because of their presence and familiarity in certain settings will still be seen as safe and trustworthy.

Any offers of appointment will be conditional upon pre-employment checks being satisfactorily completed.

If this is what you are looking for

If you have a desire to help drive us to achieving our goals, we would love to hear from you. We are keen to hear from people who feel they can join the motivated members of Delivery, Marketing and Engagement and Support Teams. If we do not have vacancies listed below, please do contact us anyways as there is often the space to for new exceptional team members.


Roles available with the TDM team

Below are details of the roles and jobs in apprenticeships that we are recruiting for currently and. If you are interested in any of these vacancies listed, please email your CV to and also request an application form. If you have any queries at all, call us on 0333 10 100 40.


Learning and Development Representative

TDM are looking for an experienced candidate to join their Marketing and Engagement team as a Learning and Development Representative. 

The TDM Learning and Development Representative’s main aim is to build, nurture and maintain strong employer-partner relationships via offering TDM’s learning and development range of services. 

TDM believes strongly in the value of work-based learning underpinned by academic rigour. We seek to do good for the West Midlands people by assisting regional and national economic development, closing the skills and productivity gap and aiding social mobility.

Learning and Development Representatives are a key part of achieving the above aims by helping generate Awareness and Interest amongst carefully chosen employers, working with them to Evaluate their businesses learning and development needs, then matching these needs to TDM’s Tech and Digital solutions to make a Decision to engage the company’s services, lastly starting the process of Actioning the commissioning of services by the employer or retrainer.

Can't find what you're looking for?

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TDM are delighted to announce that we are officially Ofsted graded Outstanding in:

- Quality of Education
- Apprenticeships (including Degree Apprenticeships)
- Adult Learning Programmes

With an overall Good rating