Business IS Analyst Specialism

A business systems analyst is responsible for assessing the business impact of change, capturing, analysing and documenting requirements and supporting the communication and delivery of requirements with relevant stakeholders.

They create detailed analysis of systems and make recommendations for improvement. They produce specifications of user requirements that enable software engineers to develop the right software solutions. They require a broad foundation of skills and knowledge to be able to be effective as their work incorporates all aspects of digital technology systems.


Be able to:


Develop and apply modelling and analysis techniques to describe business problem scenarios and to help select solutions using a range of industry standard analysis techniques.

Develop a clear, complete, unambiguous and testable requirements specification, including functional, non- functional, data, user interface and security requirements.


Evaluate selected models against business objectives and system requirements.

Elicit and prioritise business requirements for a digital technology system using ‘industry best practice’ methods.

Model the ‘as is’ and future state for a business process using industry standard approaches and notation.

Use ‘industry’ standard tools to facilitate the analysis, documentation and traceability of requirements

Technical Knowledge Knows and understands:

  • The use of requirements elicitation techniques and their relevance to given situations.
  • The principles of requirements engineering and the importance of managing requirements.
  • How to conduct a range of business/organisational analyses.
  • The use of tools to support modelling and requirements engineering.
  • How the selected models inter-relate with each other.
  • How the products of analysis feed into the design and development of a system.

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