We caught up with one of our Get Ahead in Digital Transformation learners, Ushma, who enrolled onto the programme to aid her company, Ushma at Not Just Travel.


Having had my successful and busy travel consultancy business for almost 3 years, having a solid social media presence is key. With the pandemic, this has created oodles of time and desire to be able to want to learn much more about Social Media and Digital Marketing. A friend suggested this Bootcamp to me and I jumped at the chance.


To understand how coding for websites is created, best practices and how to apply this to my own business is very exciting.


I’m just a few weeks into the independent study, which is great as I can fit it around work. There are lots of online tools and videos and ‘test your learning’ sections to support everything you are learning.

I have also experienced the virtual classroom, which really did bring all the learning to life and have now taken the first steps to start to build a website, which is incredible. It’s very satisfying not to have to wait – you just write the code, hit refresh and you can see the results.


I’m very excited to keep learning and gain the Microsoft & Google qualifications and very keen to apply all the knowledge I’m learning to my own business. I’m glad I’ve finally taken the plunge to do this and can’t wait to see what sort of opportunities I can create for myself. 


The Get Ahead in Digital Transformation Programme offers tailored professional coaching to help the region’s workforce acquire the skills needed to thrive in a digitally-focused work environment. This will work toward addressing the regional and national productivity gap, whilst adding immense value and impact to countless employers who need this intel in their workforce, now more than ever.

The tech and digital courses that underpin the programme: Digital Marketing, Software Development Front End (HTML & CSS), Software Development Back End (Java), Cyber-security, Digital Transformation, Database Management and Building & Maintain IT Networks

We are making it our mission to use the bootcamps to support employers through their own versions of Digital transformation. Workforce skill sets are set to transform, meaning certain skills and job roles will decline as new emergent tech and digital roles appear and replace them. We wants to help employers use this funding, courtesy of WMCA, to invest in their current workforce and support them to up-skill via the Get Ahead in Digital Transformation Bootcamps.

The bootcamps are coming to an end this month, so if you are reading this blog and think it could apply to you, click the following link and fill out the ‘expression of interest form’ on the right hand-side of the screen, we will be in touch with you immediately! 👉 Click here for the next steps.