Apprenticeship Opportunities

There are apprenticeship opportunities for all employees, not just new recruits.  A TDM apprenticeship partners our expert coaches with an employer and any valued employee who needs to develop new skills and knowledge.

Apprenticeships are a mix of on-the-job training and guided off-the job learning. You will develop the skills you need for your own employer whilst also working towards a nationally recognised standard in your profession. As an apprentice you will earn whilst you learn, giving you the opportunity apply real learning to a real workplace.

This is a career break which will change your life. Don’t throw away your shot!

As an employer you are taking on an apprentice to:


Mentor Skills, Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours which matter in your REAL workplace setting


Engage our expert coaches to plan, structure and audit that learning in partnership with your mentor


Ensure your apprentice achieves a nationally-recognised “Standard” of skills, knowledge and behaviours in their trade, in addition to gaining supporting qualifications and certifications.

Coaching programmes improve team performance.  Apprenticeships offer an opportunity to improve ALL of your workforce. 

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