Logistics and freight transportation is a crucial industry in the UK. The industry is the pulse of the nation, responsible for moving millions of items across the country daily.

Just about every item that we use in our daily lives has been part of a supply chain at some point. From your weekly grocery shop, the car you drive, or the device you are using to read this article – they have had to be moved from their origin to you.

Customers want quicker delivery times and expect to be better informed about their deliveries with live tracking and accurate delivery times. This has resulted in the sector making significant investments in implementing new technologies and processes.

COVID-19 has only accelerated the need to address these challenges, with tech & digital skills gaps taking centre stage within organisations, reskilling a current member of staff or bringing in a new recruit both through an apprenticeship opportunity could be the solution.

In order to showcase the value apprenticeships have and are adding to the Logistics industry, we want to introduce a company who are currently engaging with apprenticeships.



The Logistics industry is the perfect choice for any young person looking for a career. Logistics provides many different career opportunities and is open to everyone. It is a fast-paced environment, utilising the very latest technology and is constantly evolving through both innovation and entrepreneurialism.



If you are, or work for, a Logistics company and are looking to improve communication, create efficiencies, improve inclusivity, save money and help drive the local and national economy, get in touch for a no-obligation phone call. If you need a range of different people, of different ages and from different backgrounds to provide updated services and ensure you are tech & digitally secure, an apprenticeship could be your solution!

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