Local authorities are responsible for the provision of all local government services within a geographical location.

In previous blogs this month we have addressed the many challenges facing Local Authorities and the reasons to need to rapidly respond to changes on many different levels and within many different departments. This is because COVID-19 has only accelerated the need to address these challenges, with tech & digital skills gaps taking centre stage within organisations, reskilling a current member of staff or bringing in a new recruit both through an apprenticeship opportunity could be the solution.

Today we want to breakdown and outline how Levy and Non-Levy Local Authorities can take this information, move forward to the next stage of the process and begin their apprenticeship journey.

An overview of how an Apprentice can help a Local Authority

Local Authorities, particularly Local Councils, are mostly concerned with areas that are close to our homes, operating in a transparent, strategic and concise way. Ensuring correct policies, data and procedures are handled correctly and efficiently means they cannot afford to fall behind with up to date processes, customer conversations, operations and fundamentally; technology. These are just some of the areas that TDM could assist with by either improving or embedding these areas in the workplace.

Other reasons to consider an Apprentice:

  • Improve service to customers
  • Be more effective at winning new business in new markets
  • Leverage internal efficiencies in support functions and establish and secure new opportunities
  • Improve usage of databases and linking / modifying systems
  • Ensure regular, accessible market presence to drive awareness and interest
  • Reduced risk through improved cyber and better handling of sensitive information
  • A better and louder social voice and footprint
  • Your customers are online; go to them!
  • An injection of drive and enthusiasm in your workforce


The Apprenticeship Levy

Local Authorities will pay the Apprenticeship Levy if their payroll exceeds £3 million at a rate of 0.5% of the wage bill. The government top up this payment up by 10%. These helpful funds can only be spent on apprenticeship training for current or new staff members and are allocated to a training provider via the Apprenticeship Service, where the Levy is used to fund the full cost of an apprenticeship.

If you are a Levy paying Local Authority then these funds have already been put aside to help and support these business decisions, so why not use them now?

The Apprenticeship Process

If, as a Local Authority, you decide this is the right path for your organisation, we have a team of experts who are completely employer responsive from start to finish of a programme and can help guide and support you through the whole process, that being:

  1. Register for a Digital Apprenticeship Service account (DAS)
  2. Choose your apprenticeship standard
  3. Organise your paperwork
  4. Work out the costs
  5. Your vacancy is advertised
  6. Review CVs and interview for your apprenticeship
  7. Finalise paperwork & contracts
  8. Onboard your apprentice


To reiterate, our dedicated and employer responsive team of experts can help guide and support you through the whole process and everything in between, to make the process as simple and straight forward as possible.

The Apprenticeship Payment Incentives for employers

The Incentive payments for employers who hire a new apprentice only runs until the 31st March 2021.

See our Apprenticeship Incentive blog here to learn more about the payment, what it is, how you can apply and what to do next.

Next steps

So if you are, or work for, a Local Authority and are looking to improve communication, create efficiencies, improve inclusivity, save money and help drive the local and national economy, get in touch for a no-obligation phone call. If you need a range of different people, of different ages and from different backgrounds to provide updated services and ensure you are tech & digitally secure, an apprenticeship could be your solution!

Get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss your options.

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