Our Apprentice of the Month Award is an opportunity for the spotlight to shine on one of our current apprentices who has worked hard, accomplished, applied themselves or has achieved something fantastic whilst on programme. This is an opportunity to celebrate apprenticeships and their value, not only for the learner but also for the employer and the business they work within.

In order to be awarded Apprentice of the Month, learners can be nominated by their TDM coach, other TDM members of staff who have come into contact with the apprentice and also from their mentor, employer or colleagues they work along side.

Apprentice of the Month – November

Our Apprentice of the Month Award for November goes to Katie Martin from OLPRO. Katie is currently on her Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship.

Katie’s nomination came through her Apprenticeship Coach, Mel, who wanted to celebrate Katie’s hard work and the overall “way she conducts herself as a young professional.”

“Katie has been exceptional from day one.
I remember being bowled over in my first review with her and her fantastic mentor Jack, who presented me with the work that Katie had completed since her start date with Olpro, linking it with the positive, measurable financial impact her work had already had for the company.
As a coach, it was absolutely amazing to see Katie as a new learner starting with immediate impact in her role and demonstrating a beautiful driven, proactive and dynamic approach to work while balancing her apprenticeship responsibilities at the same time.
Katie has completed such a variety of tasks across such a short period of time at Olpro and is always involved in the future planning of the marketing strategy while working on their current projects too.
In terms of the apprenticeship work Katie has completed, her portfolio pages are absolutely exemplary and as she has progressed in her role her pages have mirrored the breadth and depth she is gaining on the job.
Katie has actively demonstrated higher level thinking skills in her portfolio work such as critical thinking skills, logical thinking skills and reflecting her ability to problem solve on the job.
With her courses and modules through TDM she has consistently achieved high marks, always winning a mark in the top 3 places out of the whole class.
She has a diligent approach to study and this is evident in the marks she achieved on her BCS and MTA exams at the end of her courses.
The way she conducts herself as a young professional stands out, the way she writes her E-Portfolio project pages stands out, her business communication skills and soft skills stand out and her work for Olpro stands out.
She is an all round, superstar candidate and sets the standard for young professionals building their career in the tech and digital sector.”
Congratulations, Katie and everyone over at Olpro!