Our Apprentice of the Month Award is an opportunity for the spotlight to shine on one of our current apprentices who has worked hard, accomplished, applied themselves or has achieved something fantastic whilst on programme. This is an opportunity to celebrate apprenticeships and their value, not only for the learner but also for the employer and the business they work within.

In order to be awarded Apprentice of the Month, learners can be nominated by their TDM coach, other TDM members of staff who have come into contact with the apprentice and also from their mentor, employer or colleagues they work along side.

Apprentice of the Month – February

Our Apprentice of the Month Award for February goes to Kate Blundel from Brand Refinery.

Kate’s nomination came through her TDM coach, Mel, who wanted to highlight her hard work, immense growth and how much value she is adding to her employer so early into her apprenticeship.

She has only been on program for 2 months but has applied herself so professionally to the course and embedded within Brand Refinery with her manager and the team so well.

She achieved the second highest grade in the class on her very first knowledge module only a few weeks after starting on program and is already leading on client work and doing in depth marketing research to support the company and clients needs.

Starting an apprenticeship in the midst of a global pandemic is something to praised in itself, but Kate has applied herself so well and has not let this effect her.

After overcoming the challenge of starting a new position remotely in lockdown, Kate is already managing client work autonomously in her role and has taken on big responsibilities within Brand Refinery.

She creates blogs, content, graphics and is also adding value to the company through the copywriting work that she does too.

Congratulations Kate!