Our Apprentice of the Month Award is an opportunity for the spotlight to shine on one of our current apprentices who has worked hard, accomplished, applied themselves or has achieved something fantastic whilst on programme. This is an opportunity to celebrate apprenticeships and their value, not only for the learner but also for the employer and the business they work within.

In order to be awarded Apprentice of the Month, learners can be nominated by their TDM coach, other TDM members of staff who have come into contact with the apprentice and also from their mentor, employer or colleagues they work along side.

Apprentice of the Month – December 

Our Apprentice of the Month Award for December goes to Ben Edwards from The Bewdley School.

Ben’s nomination came through his coach Emma and another TDM coach, Mel,  who both wanted to highlight his hard work, dedication, growth and his personal and professional development.

“Ben has grown so much in confidence as well as technical skills etc. He is now the network manager and is managing another new apprentice named George.”

“Ben is a true and real success story! He is also being mentored by a Degree apprentice so it is clear that The Bewdley School are developing and training up their staff which is just fantastic!”

Emma really wanted to give Ben credit and reward him for his personal and professional growth throughout his Apprenticeship;

“Ben always puts 100% into his work and his professional attitudes and behaviours have been consistently at a high standard. He has taken on and led multiple projects within his role, including the implementation of a new Remote Access Server to meet the demands of the school as more staff and students were working remotely during the Covid-19 lockdown and also the design of the network for a new building for one of their primary schools.”

“Ben’s manager has highlighted that he has seen a big change in Ben in that he is now taking on more of a leadership role in terms of what needs to happen and seeing end goals.”

Congratulations Ben!