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We manage workplace learning journeys

TDM responsibly access UK taxpayer’s money and employer budgets to start and further workplace learning journeys which:


enhance social and career mobility


delight employers with their positive impacts


positively impact upon regional and national economies


and respond usefully to regional and national skills development priorities.

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We coach and train.  We continuously renegotiate individual learning plans which:


develop technical competencies, knowledge and understanding


develop vitally important professional skills, attitudes, behaviours and workplace productivity


educate the whole person and enhance ambitious career development and social mobility.

Our learning programmes are not “off the shelf” or “boil in the bag”.  We offer high quality, highly personalised learning experiences. 

Our commitment to Safeguarding

TDM are committed to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children, young people and adults at risk.

Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility and we have an essential role to play in making our learning community safe and secure.

Our Safeguarding Policy can be read on our Policies Page.

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Some of our educational principles include:


Workplace Learning:

Most of the 20% of Off-the-job training TDM deliver will be scheduled and conducted in the office but away from the workstation.


Corporate quality classroom atmosphere:

The out of office classroom training TDM we will deliver when needed (in our Worcester or Birmingham training centres) will be intensive and conducted at an intensity and be of a training quality which is typically associated with corporate training.


Small classroom sizes:

Our maximum classroom sizes are set at <=15 learners (for common learning aims) or <=8 learners (for differentiated learning aims).

The flipped classroom:

We “flip” the traditional classroom delivery model.  In the past, the classroom was used for content presentation and the consolidation of learning was set as retrospective homework.  Instead, we set content study tasks for learners (eg watch a video, study a textbook or engage in VLE activities) before they arrive for personalised, consolidation tutoring in the classroom.

Blended Learning:

Our delivery model blends face-to-face activities eg workplace coaching tutorials and small group classroom activities with online and other distance learning activities.


Personalised and Triangulated Learning:

We care about highly personalised, academically rigorous and genuinely workplace-focused learning which benefits all three stakeholders: learner interests, employer needs & national standards.


Our learning programmes are not “off the shelf” or “boil in the bag”.  We offer high quality, highly personalised learning experiences. 

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You do not have to be unemployed to start an apprenticeship programme.

You simply need to be deployed in a job role in which you are developing a new skillset and knowledge base.


under the mentorship of your employer


and subject to rigorous and challenging coaching and training from TDM.

TDM do also, however, invest into a recruitment filtering service which ensures that the right new job applicants get to engage new apprenticeships with the right new employers. TDM regularly start and embed new careers for school, college and university leavers as well as more mature apprenticeship job applicants.

TDM also offer employers a deeper commercial partnership in order to develop even more bespoke workplace learning programmes which suit their own, more unique and more specialist learning needs.


Meet The Team

TDM may not be big, but we are small!

We are very focused on high quality provision with a strong and personalised regional skills sector presence.  We currently employ around 30 staff and we operate, service and relationship-build across two delivery centres:  Worcester and Birmingham.

TDM Academic Delivery Team

TDM employ the experts the apprentices and employers really need.  Our Performance and Development Coaches and Skills and Knowledge Coaches usually hold degree, masters and/or PhD-level qualifications as well as substantial employment experience in their professional field.  Our Coaches have a proven background of delighting employers, long-term commitment to employers and advancing their own accountability sets.

TDM Marketing and Engagement Team

Our Learning and Development Representatives are targeted to engage a minimum number of new learners every month.  To this end, they develop trust relationships with employers, conducting training needs analysis for existing staff members and choosing the right apprenticeships programmes for each employer. They also help the employer by filtering out only the most suitable applicants for new apprenticeship posts.

Our Career Builders help employers to write Job Descriptions for new Apprentice Recruits.  They advertise those job descriptions widely and they also offer first and second phase filtering processes to eliminate the obviously unsuitable applicants.  Although this process is necessarily hard-nosed, the unsuccessful applicants are treated with dignity and are given very practical advice as to how they need to prepare if they are to gain an apprenticeship opportunity with TDM’s employer partners.

TDM Business Support Team

TDM senior managers and other administrators understand that they are there to serve the needs of our clients, stakeholders and also our frontline academic and business development teams. We are never satisfied and we are constantly striving to improve the quality of the work we do for others.

TDM Senior Management Team

TDM employ senior managers who assume significant accountability sets and report to the Directors on a weekly basis.  We follow the Enterprise Operating System: moving quarterly rocks to ensure both quality improvements and growth. Our current senior management team features: An Academic Delivery Manager, a Marketing and Engagement Manager and Business Support Manager.

TDM Directors and Board of Governors

TDM is a family business led by Derrin Kent (The Visionary) and Elizabeth Hoyos Gamero de Kent (The Integrator).  Derrin and Elizabeth are both graduates in Education who fell in love over a shared passion for Task-Based Learning. This has developed into a shared passion for work-based learning, apprenticeships and blended learning.  Derrin and Elizabeth aim to do well only by delivering social good.  Both are Bilingual Spanish+English speakers and they have two children: Salvador and Micaela.  Derrin and Ely never stop discussing TDM learner, employer, stakeholder and teamplayer needs in the kitchen, in the living room and on car journeys.  They have recently started to have more family holidays.

Academic Governors: Kim Cook is the Managing Director of Worcestershire Training Provider Association who helps us to quality assure our academic delivery and to align our content focus with genuine national and regional skills development needs.

Business Development Governor: Martin Dobbs is our EOS coach.  He is helping us to achieve traction in order that we may be of service to more employers and develop more careers.

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