Dear Employer Partners and Apprentices,

We hope that you enjoyed a peaceful Christmas and had as much a New Year celebration that was possible. We also hope that you are healthy and your families are well.

On Wednesday 30th December 2020 the secretary of state made further announcements about Educational Settings and the return to face to face training.

For work based programmes such as apprenticeships, the government has reaffirmed that apprenticeship delivery and assessment (including the assessment of functional skills qualifications) is extremely flexible and should only continue to take place in person:

  • where doing so remotely is not possible 
  • OR in the case where the apprentice is a vulnerable young person: i.e. vulnerable and aged under the age of 18 (or aged under 24 on an EHC Plan) or children of Key Workers aged under 18. 

Otherwise, the overarching “work from home wherever possible” directive remains true for apprenticeships provision at least until further government guidance is given.

TDM have successfully been delivering remote training, coaching and assessment throughout the pandemic and we have only made use of on-site training on a one to one basis for those learners that needed the extra support. 

TDM will continue to operate remotely by making use of the VLE and cloud systems that allow us to connect synchronously as well as asynchronously.

It is very important that all employer mentors continue to be attendant and responsive to all the scheduled meetings and communications TDM coaches request, to ensure a smooth and steady progress on the apprenticeship programme.

Equally importantly, all apprentices must continue to be actively committed to fulfilling the monthly objectives set by TDM coaches. This will ensure all apprentices can successfully and timely complete their programme by the planned Gateway date. 

In work-based learning, each apprentice and employer is unique with a particular set of needs and circumstances. Please rest assured the TDM team will support each employer partner and each apprentice with tailored advice and guidance which ensures you make the most of your apprenticeship programme.

Should there be the need for face to face on-site training for any apprentice, TDM coaches  will discuss this with employers and apprentices and make the necessary arrangements to ensure the sessions are run in as Covid-safe an environment as is possible

If you wish to read the full DfE guidance to which we are responding, it is available here.  

Our priority is the safety of apprentices, staff and employer partners, as well as the continued provision of high quality training and coaching, by only keeping TDM training spaces open for specific purposes to support vulnerable young people and/or those that need it.


Yours sincerely,

Derrin Kent and Elizabeth Hoyos 

TDM Directors